Tribute to Parandero Simon  aka Junior Aranda

Mr. Simon Aranda better known as Junior Aranda passed to a better life....... R.I.P
October 24th, 1939 - March 14th 2011

The proud son of Miss. Irene Aranda & Mr. Vincent Lewis
of Hopkins Village. Junior Aranda as he is artistically
known, is one of our greatest Garifuna renown Parandero
over four decade alive today. Born in the village of Hopkins
on October 24th, 1939, he made Dangriga his home.
He attended Hopkins elementary school. At an early
age Junior left Hopkins to go work in Pomona Valley
to support his family. In 1965 he met his girlfriend
Alberta, fell in love with her, they got married in 1970
and are still together today.


Tribute to my dad by Irene Aranda


This video is also available with comments from Irene at Tribute to my dad 

Another video is also available at Tribute to Junior Aranda 

Juni Aranda 'Paranda' CD


This is taken from

Juni Aranda (tracks 1,7 and 12) is one of the younger Paranderos at 57. He lives in Dangriga, the largest Garifuna city in Belize. The city is known as the cultural capital for the Garifuna, and was the birthplace of Punta Rock. Today, many top Punta artists live there, including Titiman Flores and Mohobub Flores. 

Sadly, like most of the region, there are only a few Paranderos left in Dangriga, and Aranda is the only musician in the city still playing Paranda. Currently unemployed, but while he may lack steady work, he hasn't lost a bit of spirit. In his small wooden home, he was ecstatic upon hearing the first version of the Paranda recording session. Aranda explained that many Paranda songs were a way of "getting back" at people. In a thick Creole accent and a scratchy voice he explained, "When someone does bad things to you, we don't start fights, we get back at them in a song." Aranda has songs about people in town who owe him money, past girlfriends, and former employers. If someone has crossed Aranda, everyone in town quickly learns about it. 

Aranda bought his first guitar at the age of 15, a guitar that was destroyed by Hurricane Hattie of 1961, a hurricane that destroyed much of Dangriga. Hundreds were killed, including Aranda's uncle Oscario who taught him how to play Paranda. Junior Aranda still sings about Hattie, an event that is still vivid for all Garifuna of his generation. From the sad remembrances of Hattie, Junior Aranda was once again breaking into laughter when Ivan and I asked him about his new song, "Mingigili". "I don't get it," remarked Ivan, "Everytime I bring up this song, you can't stop laughing." 

For the next five minutes, Aranda laughed hysterically. Finally, he explained "Mingigili". "What the song says is," once again he couldn't stop laughing, "When your farts no stink maan". We were a little confused. "See, it is about when your farts don't stink, and your lady still loves you. When you are so much in love, you can do anything, fart, spit, and she is still crazy about you." The three of us then began laughing uncontrollably. 

Today Junior Aranda is teaching his son, Austin (now in high school) Paranda music to pass on the music for future generations. 


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