Souvenir Items By Felix Palacio

After he migrated to the US, Felix found that he had a lot of time on his hands. Also, he realized that he was creative and started making items during his free time.  You may purchase items from Felix Palacio by either contacting him by email at or you may call him at 916 240-7116

Items for Sale




Price List

Contact Felix Palacio at to purchase items.  Mothers day is coming some of the items make good gifts ecpecially the clocks.

Mouse Pad10
Toote bag12
Banners 12
T shirts10
Garifuna drum T shirt10
Andy Palacio T shirt10
Garifuna Pride Toote Bag12
100% garifuna Toote bag12
Mirror Garifuna clock25
Belize Clock15
Garifuna clock15
Barranco mouse pad10
Punta Gorda mouse pad10
Andy Palacio/garifuna flag key chain4
Garifuna drum/ garifuna flag key chain4
Garifuna Flag4

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    your artical is very good ,thanks for ur sharing and i have learn many things from it .