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Advertising on All About Belize and Garifuna

 Flier to Distribution list ($20.00)

To send a one time flier to distribution list is $20.00

BASIC PACKAGE ($45/mo or $100/90 days)

-ad placed on Classifieds page

-Flier emailed to distribution list one time only

-link to your webpage


ELITE PACKAGE ($60/mo or $150/90 days)

-ad placed on Classifieds page

-link to your webpage

-ad placed on Home page (side bar) and visible on all pages

-ad mentioned in weekly email update

-ad placed on side bar of my blog  Natural Health and Wellness)

PLATINUM PACKAGE ($100/mo or $250/90 days)

-a page of the website dedicated to your ad (great for artists and products vendors)

-your link on the side bar visible on all pages

-your ad featured on side bar of my blog Natural Health and Wellness Blog

-with this option when someone does a google search for you or your product or service your ad page will come up.

Forms of payment

visa/master card or ATM/Debit card with visa/master card logo

Be the first to advertise on the website.  The ads will be displayed in order of first come first served.  Thanks in advance for your support.

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