December 18, 2009

In order to welcome Belizeans who wish to visit Mexico during the Christmas season, the Embassy of Mexico is reminding Belizeans that a VISA is not required to travel to Mexico as a tourist or in transit through to another country. The head of the press and boarder section at the Mexican Embassy, Marcelino Miranda, tells us more.

Marcelino Miranda; Head of the Press and Border Section, Mexican Embassy
“In July of this year, 2009, the Government decided to no longer ask for VISAs, for Belizean nationals. So from July of this year Belizeans don’t need a VISA to travel as tourist or in transit to Mexico to any part of Mexico. Belizeans can go to Mexico, to Chetumal, to Cancun, to Merida, even to Mexico City, or to the US without a VISA.”

Miranda explains that Belizeans who hold a Mexican Boarder card can continue using it in the usual manner to travel to Mexico with a maximum stay of three days. However that is with the exception of Merida or any other part of Mexico outside Quintana Roo, whereby a passport is required.

Marcelino Miranda; Head of the Press and Border Section, Mexican Embassy
“The border card is a card issued by the government of Mexico for any Belizeans holding a passport and these cards allows and entitles Belizeans to travel all around Quintana Roo up to three days. And this is a very useful card because Belizeans can enter Mexico easily, faster, than with a passport because this card is an electronic card so you can enter Chetumal and then travel around Quintana Roo. I would like to be precise that this card does not allow one to go to Merida. It only entitles you to travel around Quintana Roo, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Chetumal. With this card any Belizeans can stay up to three days in Mexico. They can apply for this card at the Mexican immigration post at the boarder. To apply they just need their Belizean Passport and a photocopy. And with that they can apply from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00 and in a few days they can get their card.”
Marcelino Miranda, press officer at the Mexican Embassy in Belmopan.