Arlene Higinio Vazquez Celebration of Life

Arlene Vazquez (July 25, 1972 - May 16, 2010)

Arlene Vazquez, daughter of Anita Marin Edwards and Mike Higinio, passed away suddenly on Sunday May 16, 2010.  She was married to Murray Vazquez and has two children Breanne and Elijah.  She is my cousin and was like a daughter to me from birth to about three years old.  She is 37 years.  She will be missed by all her relatives and friends. We want to celebrate her life on this page.  

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Thanks for your support

The family of Arlene Vazquez would like to thank all who supported them during this time.  It is impossible to list names because people did a lot.  Thanks for all the phone calls.  People called from world wide to give condolence to Anita, Mike, Murray and the children.  We would especially like to thank those who called all the way from Belize especially those who called from Barranco.  That means a lot to us. 

Thanks to all who gave financial support.  The small to the large gifts are greatly appreciated. When asked for support to assist with defraying expenses some people dug deep and donated to the cause.  We don't take that lightly at all.  Thanks also for the cards of condolence, the words of condolence, flowers and plants given during this time. 

All the people who travelled to be with us prior to the funeral and for the funeral that is fondly appreciated.  You took time out of your busy schedule to come to be with us.  Especially, the people came that day in a bus from Los Angeles that is very special.  The ones who travelled from Belize and other parts of the US to Fresno and Armona sincere thanks to you.

Thanks to all who helped to plan for the viewing and funeral a huge thanks.  Thanks to those who participated in the touching funeral.  Thanks also to 2nd Baptist Church pastor and congregation.  Thanks for hosting Arlene's funeral and for the lunch after the funeral.  Also, thanks to all the friends and family who cooked for the family during the days when people gathered to give us their condolence.

Sincere gratitude your kindness evidence in thought and deed during this time.

Arlene Sleep

Arlene Sleep

By Frank Palacio

Author “Middle Schoolin” and Poet


Arlene, sleep, sleep, sleep

No more to worry or to suffer

No more to sob or to cry


Arlene, peace, peace, peace

No more sadness or sorrow

No more to moan or to ask why


You fell in love, deep, deep, deep

And you were so very  happy

Your children, your natural high


Arlene one day we’ll meet, meet, meet

Some day to see you will be so, sweet

Thinking of you makes me Sigh



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    your artical is very good ,thanks for ur sharing and i have learn many things from it .