Quotes HI Angela. I remain fascinated by and greatful for this site. It is not only a wonderful tool in linking Garinigu and Belizeans worldwide, but it establishes new relationships for betterment of our country. I can attest to this after meeting a young, vibrant Belizean-American attorney living in the New York area. She has much experience in the feild of Entertainment Law, which has been God-sent as a collection society has been established and registered in Belize. The Belize Society of Composers, Artists and Publishers (BSCAP) is a non-profit group established to protect the moral, economic and neighboring rights of its members. Much ground work had been achieved prior to meeting Heather, but she has taken our work to a new level. I can say much more but will resist taking up more space. A million thanks again Angela and continued success! Quotes
Jason Guerrero, May 2010
BSCAP Grows Through Linkage on Belize and Garifuna Community

Quotes Congratulations on the site, I'm really impressed I have a lot to contribute & look forward to interacting with my beloved people. Once the access problem is resolved I'll post a profile & trust me --- ya gonna hear a lot from me Quotes
Rob Pandy

Quotes Miss Angela Palacio, Want to extend a hearty Happy 1 Year and 1 Month Anniversary for your website www.apalacioexchange.com!!! I am sure that there have been many websites that have come and gone during your websites existence and I am sure there will be many MORE websites that will come and go since YOUR website isn't going ANYWHERE. I wish you and your website much success and growth. I also hope that your website will continue to be an online resource for Garinagu all over the world. Mabriga, "Tio" Teo Colon Jr. Founder, Publisher and Editor of the New Blog (and Facebook Page), BEING GARIFUNA Quotes
"Tio" Teo Colon Jr

Quotes I remember when we were less than 100 members, I won't be satisfied until we reach 1 million though, this is our home, lets promote it and after a million then reach for 2. Angela thanks a million!!!!!!.maxmium Love and respect. Quotes
Congratulations, thanks a million.

Quotes First and foremost, I personally want to thank you Angie P. for creating this website showcasing The Garifuna Culture. Where our story is being exposed to the world from our perspective. You singlehandedly initiated an idea, now it is growing and growing. The information on your website (no I take that back), the information on our website is vital and crucial to our progress as a people. Why, because we are communicating among ourselves, and we can find many answers about our rich Garifuna Heritage on your/our website. As for being the personality of the month. Again I want to thank you and your associates for picking me out of so many other candidate who can fit the cap. I have a strong hunch that my fans contributed for being chosen, and I thank them also. I wish you all the best in your work Angie. Keep on Keeping On. Eibugaba Lidan Ligemeri Inaruni, luma hahari wanunagu. Walk in the light of truth and the spirit of our ancestors. Au Le James Lovell Garifuna Artist Quotes
James Lovell
Garifuna Artist

Quotes This is an amazing site with lots of great information. Keep up the good work. Estelle Martinez Quotes
Estelle Martinez

Quotes I would like to say Many,Many thanks to you for opening this medium for our people it is such an opportunity and a pleasure to see how we can reach out to each other even though we are so far away from home, I take my hat off to you sister to embark on such a wonderful and successful project may God Bless and keep you and your family safe always it"s people like you that we need to continue this journey to make our people and Belize a better place Carrie Quotes

Quotes Congrats Angi. You have done a fantastic job. So many things I'vd learned through this web site.Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing all the happenings home and abroad. May God continue to bless you with good health, courage and money to pay your Internet bill. Yvonne thanks very much. Prayers are appreciated. Quotes
Yvonne Lopez

Quotes The Belize and Garifuna Community website has been an invaluable resource to the Belizean and Garifuna communities and we truly appreciate your dedication and commitment. Congratulations! Quotes
Helen Laurie

Quotes I really enjoy this website. I have learn a lot and I just hope that it continues to grow. I have a DVD about James Lovell very talented artist, it was produced by my brother Maurice, so I say congrats to him. Take care and good luck . Nurse Joan PG Belize. Quotes
Joan Avila