Access Your Email Inbox

Responding to Email


  1. How do I become a member?

    Please don't rush or be impatient this takes less than five minutes if done properly.

    On the left hand side there is an area 'Member Area'.  Below this title it says sign in or register.  Click on the 'register' link.  Kindly complete this form.  It asks for your email address, password, display name, birthday, location and gender.  For 'display name' don't leave blank, this is how you want your name to display. Capitalize the first and last initial.  Once this is done click on sign up.

    The website then tells you that it is sending an authentication email. Here is a copy of the screen that pops up at this point.

    Your account is almost ready!Confirm your email address: 

    A confirmation email has been sent to aegmejia@hotmail.com. Please check your email and click the link to confirm your email address.Having Trouble?Be sure to check your spam or junk mail folders for the email.

    Next go to your email to look for the email to complete the process.

    From the authentication email click on the link that takes you back to the website www.apalacioexchange.com it will asks a couple questions and invite you to complete your profile and upload a picture.

  2. Who is the sender and what is the content of the authentication email

    Here is the top part of an authentication email from the website:

    Membership Confirmation‏

    From: messages@webs.com on behalf of notifications@webs.com

    You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk

    Sent: Wed 2/24/10 10:41 AM


    Thanks for your interest in joining our site. Please verify your email address in order to activate your membership. To confirm, use the link below.


    Yes, I'd like to join this site



    - apalacioexchange








    PS: If you don't want to join this site, click here: Sorry, I don't want to join this site right now


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Access Your Email Inbox

  1. How do I access my website email inbox?

    When you come to the site.  You log in to the site by link on left hand in a section "Members Area"  Below your name is the envelope icon for your inbox.  Click on the envelope icon.

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Responding to Email

  1. How do I respond to a message from the website?

    Quite often other members will send you a message from the website.  This message will go into your regular email inbox as a message from the site.  

    The only way to respond to this message is that you have to go to the site www.apalacioexchange.com and log on to the site.  Once you are logged in there is an envelope icon below your name which is your website inbox.  Click on the envelope to read your email and then this is where you can reply to the email.

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